IELTS Learning Platform

  • Our IELTS Teacher Led Lessons consist of real 1-on-1 instruction between teacher and student.
  • Your proficiency level is carefully analyzed, and an IELTS Learning Program is determined just for you.
  • You will know the format of the exam section by section by following step by step instructions.You’ll know the strategies for how to approach the exam. You will perfect your English language skills with an IELTS qualified tutor using interactive screen sharing lessons.
  • There is no better way to study and learn the IELTS exam than through personalized study with a real instructor.
  • It is easy to take these face to face lessons with IELTS Online. The first thing that you need to have is Skype or Zoom. That’s all!
  • After you meet with your instructor, we will set you up in our IELTS learning platform to complete interactive lessons on the screen with us.
  • We are able to work with any time zone. Don’t worry about the time of day that you would like to learn, our small group of professionals can work with every time slot.


  • Texas native
  • Long Time Instructor in Asia, Europe, USA
  • 180 Hour TEFL/TESOL Certified teacher (certification from the International TEFL Academy)
  • Additional 60 Hour certification for EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Business English
  • Team Lead for Rainbow Station’s China branch
  • Lead Curriculum Developer for Kid Soul China
  • Language And Cultural Assistance program graduate from BEDA Spain, Madrid.
  • Degrees in Psychology and in Literature.
  • IELTS Specialist with Thousands of lessons

Prices – $30 USD for 1 IELTS lesson, $28 each for package of 5, $26 each for package of 10.


  • Professional English Instructor 12 years
  • Experienced IELTS Preparation Specialist helping students achieve Band Scores from 7-9
  • College degreed and Certified in Language and Teaching
  • Trained Public Speaker
  • Chief Curriculum Manager and Team Lead for corporations such as MW Educational tech, Yoli Teach, Haowj, and Theocratic Ministry School
  • Leader of Adapt2Me project for Canadian government

Prices- $30 USD for 1 IELTS lesson, $28 each for package of 5, $26 each for package of 10.


  • Dual Canadian / UK citizen
  • 10+ years English Language teaching experience in Europe, Asia, and Latin America
  • College Degrees in Education and Hospitality Management
  • 120 Hour TELF/TESOL Certified teacher
  • 5+ years as an IELTS Professional with 3,000+ 1-on-1 lectures
  • 5+ years experience as a Program and Curriculum Director (post-secondary school)
  • Advanced Spanish speaker (C2 Level)
  • Beginner Japanese speaker (A2 Level)

Prices- $30 USD for 1 IELTS lesson, $28 each for package of 5, $26 each for package of 10.